So much is at stake for our entire community when it comes to school funding. When funding falls short, the quality of education for our kids suffers and the consequences resonate for the rest of their lives.


When school funding suffers, so does our job market in Billings. New businesses overlook our community for cities that have adequate school funding in place. Established job markets have difficulty attracting and retaining highly skilled employees who can find similar work in cities with better schools for their children.


The need for our public schools is great, and with the support of our community, we can all do our part to foster a bright future for our kids.










Strong Schools Foster Bright Futures For Our Kids

Reduce Classroom Overcrowding

Improved Learning Environment for our Kids

Invest in Our Community

Paid for by Yes For Kids, PO Box 31177, Billings, MT 59107 – Darla Huebner, Treasurer